Healthy Chocolate Orange Brownie Squares


I have another healthy dessert recipe for you! The dessert recipes that I have been posting have been so popular, that I have lots more planned for you, including lots of cold desserts to help cool you down in this heat, so make sure you look out for those.

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It really is too hot to be cooking at the moment. How is everyone else handling the heat? I am having lots of iced tea, ice fruit water and being best friends with our fan. I am not one of these people that complains when it is cold and then complains when it is hot too. I love cold weather and I don’t do well in the heat, so I am trying to cook as little as possible. Which means lots of salads and lots of no cook desserts like this one.



A brownie that you don’t have to bake? Yep! I have a few raw desserts on here, but this is one of my favourite because chocolate and orange go so perfectly together, don’t you think? You could do loads of different flavour combinations though, like chocolate and cherry or chocolate and apricot. You can really get creative with this recipe.

This really is so easy to make and although it is not particularly low in calories, because nuts and dates are fairly high in calories, the brownie squares are really healthy. They are fairly rich as well, so one square is enough, although don’t feel bad if you have two ;) The portion size for each brownie is pretty generous, so feel free to cut it up in to more smaller squares if you want to lower the calories.




Ingredients – Serves 16

- 450g/ 3 cups of nuts (I used a mixture of almonds and cashews, but any would work)

- 100g/2/3 cup dates

- 100g/ 1 cup cocoa powder

- 1 tbsp maple syrup

- 1 tbsp coconut oil

- Juice of 2 oranges (or one if it is really juicy)


1) Put all of the ingredients in to a food processor and blend it well.

2) Put the mixture in to a 20 x 13 cm lined dish. If the mixture is a little dry, add some water. Put in the fridge for a couple of hours before cutting in to 16 pieces.



Nutritional Information – per person:

Calories: 202

Fat: 14

Carbs: 18

Protein: 6

Fibre: 3


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