Chickpea Curry Featured

10 Minute Chickpea and Spinach Curry

Healthy and delicious meals do not get much quicker than this chickpea and spinach curry that is ready in just 10 minutes. Very little preparation is required, so it basically makes itself. Tempted to order a curry? Try making this with ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen anyway and it is ready in a quarter of the time it would take a takeaway curry to arrive anyway. Also, it is just 200 calories and very low in fat. If you want to be kept up to date on my new healthy and delicious recipes like this, then please subscribe to the blog mailing list (it takes 30 seconds) and you will get sent the new recipes straight to your inbox. Your email address won't be passed on to anyone and you will never be spammed. Click here to sign up  We are big in to our herbs and spices, as … Read More

Quinoa Salad Featured

Quinoa, Rocket and Pomegranate Salad

  How about I start posting more really quick and simple recipes that are ideal to take to work for your lunch? Whilst I work from home, Dave doesn’t and I am very concious of sending him to work with something filling, healthy and delicious that doesn’t take too long to make. If it is… 

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Sweetcorn Salsa Featured

Sweetcorn Salsa

  Just a quick recipe for you all today. I know it is a bit of a contrast from yesterday’s warm and comforting soup, but that is just how we roll in the HHH kitchen. Yes, I did just say “that is how we roll”. I am so uncool. It is Taco Tuesday and I… 

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Creamy Mushroom Featured

Creamy Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

  I know it is now technically spring and I have already started posting salad recipes, but I just couldn’t help myself with this one. Plus, hey, I live in the UK and with our weather there is every possibility that it could be soup weather in July. I may have just fulfilled the British… 

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Takeaway featured

How To Order a Healthier Takeaway

  It’s Friday and you might be thinking about ordering a takeaway this weekend. Nothing wrong with that! We still order takeaway, although a LOT less than we used to and I still had a takeaway every couple of weeks whilst I was losing weight. I didn’t totally cut it out, I just made better… 

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Vitamins Collage

A Guide To Vitamins and Minerals

  Making sure your diet contains enough vitamins and minerals is essential for a healthy body, so I thought I would talk a bit about a few different vitamins and minerals, what they do and where you can get them from. If you want to be kept up to date on my new healthy and… 

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Lentil and Feta Salad Featured

Lentil and Feta Salad

  Can I start posting salad recipes now please? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?? We have had some sunny days, and the temperature has increased a teeny tiny bit. So, that must mean it is salad time, right? Okay, how about we compromise and I will post a warm salad recipe. Deal? Deal! If you want to be kept… 

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