Friday Favourites - Things I Am Loving This Week


Happy Easter everyone!!

I have a new feature here on the blog, called Friday Favourites. Every Friday I will be sharing some of things I have loved from the week. Maybe a new recipe book I think you will all love or maybe I have discovered a new healthy place to eat or perhaps I have tried some new workout clothes and I want to share how much I love them. Sometimes it will be pictures that have made me laugh or motivated me – basically anything that has made me happy that week.

It will also be somewhere that you can share something you have loved from the week. Too often we focus on the negatives from our week, so it is time we start sharing the positive.


Favourite View



This was the view from my run on Wednesday. It was so peaceful and despite being such nice weather, there was hardly anyone around, so I felt like I had the whole path to myself. Although I find outdoor running, so, SO difficult (it is the impact on my knees and ankles that are weak from years of carrying excess weight), I do love it for the simple reasons of views like this)

Favourite Motivation

Qoute 1

I spent most of my life with this attitude. It was always “after the weekend” or “after my birthday” or “maybe next year”. But there is no perfect time to start. I have not been as on track as I would have liked the past few weeks and I found myself thinking “I will start again after Easter”. But why after then? There is no better time than right now. Starting doesn’t mean totally overhauling your life, just make a few positive changes. Yes, I will still be having chocolate this Easter, just sensible amounts.

Favourite Eats


I am loving Vietnamese food at the moment and often when I am in London I go to Pho. We don’t have much choice of Vietnamese restaurants here in Manchester, so I have to get my Pho fix in London. One of the great things, is what a healthy option it is. The soups are low in fat and saturated fat and the spicy beef pho is just 460 calories – perfect for dinner. What I love most there is their summer rolls. I am totally obsessed with them. The peanut dipping sauce is incredible and I would dip most of my meals in it if I could. Compared to other Asian chain restaurants, Pho wins for me in terms of calories and fat and most importantly, flavour.

Favourite Funny


This pretty much sums up my week. Working out does make me feel awesome and although you can’t out train a bad diet, I also workout because I like to eat. A lot. I am a volume eater, so no matter how clean my meals are, it is easy for me to eat too much of it. Which is why working out is extra important for me.

What are some of your favourite things from the week? Favourite meal? View? Laugh? Leave a comment below.

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