3 Great Long Distance Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

by Dannii on December 16, 2013

3 Great Long Distance Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas
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Christmas is a time of giving, of coming together to share glad tidings as well as wonderful gifts. Just a few short decades ago most of your loved ones would have lived pretty close by, so it was easy to buy gifts to hand over at big family get-togethers. And for those who lived a little further away you could always make a visit on Boxing Day, or maybe send a little something by Royal Mail (allowing at least 3 weeks for delivery!).

In the 21st century though, families are increasingly spread out further across the country and around the globe. Long-distance relationships are also on the rise, and made easier by things such as Facebook and Skype.  It’s easier than ever to stay in touch, even if you’re thousands of miles apart, but the costs of shipping gifts can be very expensive, especially as fuel costs continue to rise and couriers hike their prices accordingly.

With that in mind here are some healthy long-distance Christmas gifting ideas to send to those faraway loved ones.

1. Spa Gift Voucher. What could be a better gift at Christmas time than a luxury spa gift voucher? Christmas is a time of relaxation and indulgence, and a visit to a luxury spa would make for a wonderful addition to the celebrations. Spafinder offer their 365 vouchers, which gives you access to a network of 20,000 spas around the world. The vouchers can be posted or even better emailed directly to the lucky recipient. You can purchase a spa voucher up to £500 which means they can have anything from a single treatment to a day of unbridled luxury.


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Credit using: Hotel Zugspitze  http://www.flickr.com/photos/hotel_zugspitze/

2. Gym Membership. Following the usual Christmas gorging on rich, fatty foods, Christmas pud, chocolates and a fair amount of booze a lot of people don’t look their best. A few extra pounds quickly piles on around the midriff and we start to feel a bit more sluggish and so the slippery slope begins. That’s why one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and get in shape. Why not help them achieve their goal by gifting them a year’s membership to a local gym?


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Credit using: Health Gauge http://www.flickr.com/photos/healthgauge/

3. Plane Tickets. It sounds crazy, and maybe a little bit dull, but think about it for a minute. If you’re in a long distance relationship then buying the person you love a plane ticket to see you is possibly the most romantic gesture you could make. Sure it’s pricey, but spending Christmas together will be priceless, giving you inner health and special memories to cherish forever.


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1 Erin

I really hope that someone buys me a gym membership for Christmas. Please Santa!


2 Sabrina

I like these ideas. I never know what to send to people when they don’t live close by.


3 Celina

I am surprising my parents this year by visiting them as they live so far away. They think I can’t get the time off work. Better than anything I could ever buy them :D


4 Fiona

Great idea! I was wondering what to buy my parents this year. I think they would love a relaxing day at a spa.


5 Phillipa

I bought my husband a gym membership for Christmas :)


6 Rachel

I wish I could afford to give someone a plane ticket!


7 Emma

I bought my mum as spa voucher so she can treat herself. I used to go with her, but I have moved 200 miles away now, so I can’t :(


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