A Look Back at 2013 and The Most Popular HHH Posts and Recipes of the Year


This year has been amazing is so many ways and a lot of it would not be possible without you! By reading my posts, liking, commenting and sharing Facebook updates, retweeting and replying to my tweeets, pinning my recipes and liking my Instagram updates, you have made this blog what it is and without that my life, and the past year would have been very different. So thank you for that.

This blog started as a way for me to keep myself on track with my weight loss and not fill up my friends and family’s newsfeed with what I was eating for breakfast each day and how hard my workout was. Gradually more and more people started to read it and tell other people about it and it turned in to what it has today. Although the HHH blog has been around since 2011, it was the past year that it really became something that I never thought was possible. A place where people come to for healthy recipes and fitness tips and what has now turned in to a community of people that are ditching the diets and focusing on making themselves feel great!
Some of the great things that happened this year because of the blog are:

– I became a contributor to Huffington Post (I will be posting more articles there soon) and was also on their TV channel

– I became a health coach

– I started studying to be a personal trainer

– I started writing recipes for Great British Chefs

– I visited the Google HQ in London

– I interviewed an Olympian


Health and fitness wise it has also been a really good year. I went to a fitness camp in Majorca and pushed myself more than I have ever done before and ran further than I ever have done before and I also swam 3km. This year I also decided to run my first triathlon next year. I got to a place where I stopped focusing so much on weight and just focused on becoming stronger, fitter, healthier, faster and happier. That did lead to a bit of weight gain, but the other gains I have made, such as strength are much more important to me.

I also got to travel to Mexico and Paris, which were both amazing. Definitely aiming to do a lot more travelling next year too.


Take a look at this video of my highlights from 2013


The most popular posts on Hungry Healthy Happy in 2013 are linked below. Take a look at them as you may have missed something.

1. Raw Chocolate Fudge Brownies

2. Clean Eating Food Preparation

3. 3 Week Beginner Plan

4. How I Lost 100lbs

5. Mexican Coleslaw

6. Santa Hat Brownies

7. Healthy Nutella

8. Healthy Eating On a Budget Shopping List and Meal Plan

9. Creamy Avocado Pasta

10. Budget Healthy Eating Tips


This year really has been fantastic and I honestly think that 2014 has been even better. I turn 30 in June next year and I have a few things I want complete before that birthday – I will be posting about that in a few days. I will also be putting up a post with my resolutions.

Happy New Year everyone!

So, what was the highlight of 2013 for you? Comment below to let me know.

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  1. Teresa says

    This blog wouldn’t be what it is without all the effort that you put in, so thank you for that. Make sure you give yourself the credit your deserve as well :)

  2. Paula says

    I love that video on your Instagram. I am going to make one myself, although I don’t think my year has been quite so eventful. It looks like you had a great one! Happy 2014!

  3. Lucy says

    I hope you have a great NYE! I am having a party and shall be making lots of your healthy party food recipes. In fact, I think I am making all of them. Thank you!

  4. Nia says

    How did I miss the Santa hat brownie recipe? They look SO good. Who cares that it is not Christmas. I am going to make them!

  5. Grace says

    My highlight of 2013 was reaching my goal weight. That was only about 10 days ago, but I am so happy I did it before the year was out. Thanks for all your healthy recipes and weight loss advice. It has helped me so much.

  6. Zoey says

    You deserve all of those great things. Thank you for spending your free time on this blog. We all really appreciate it. I hope you have a healthy and happy 2014.

  7. Emma says

    My highlight of the year was running my first 10k. I never thought it was possible, but it is amazing what you can do when you work at it.