A simple guide to fats


You don’t have to have a totally fat free diet to be healthy, you just have to choose the right fats to eat. Here is a very simple and brief guide to fats:

Avoid trans fats as much as possible: although low levels of trans fats can be found naturally in meat and dairy, it is the artificial trans fat that you want to really avoid –  hydrogenated fat. This is found in fried and processed food. Take a look on the back of that pack of biscuits you have stashed at the back on the cupboard, it is most likely an ingredient as it gives it a longer shelf life. Try baking your own biscuits instead. Having a diet high in trans fat can raise your cholesterol which can lead to heart conditions.

Fat from oily fish, nuts and avocados is unsaturated and should be included in your diet. Just because it is high in fat, does not mean it should be avoided. Unsaturated fat should be part of a healthy and balanced diet.

– Meat and dairy fall somewhere between the two above. Whilst they are not in the same category as trans fat, you should try not to over do it with them.



Photo Source: Naturally Down To Earth

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  1. Grace says

    Thank you for posting this. I have always been told to avoid all fat, including avocado, but now I am hearing so many people say avocados are good. This clears things up.