Bean Chilli with Avocado Salsa


  This one pot wonder is low in fat and high in flavour. I love getting feedback and requests from you all about recipes that you want to see, and as well as budget recipes, I have been getting a lot of requests for more vegan recipes. This dish is very cheap to make and… 

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Food and Guilt


  That pang of guilt after eating something unhealthy was something that I battled with for years. When I was overweight and I was trying to diet to lose weight, I would feel really horrible and hate myself after I ate something that wasn’t on the plan I was following, but here is why those… 

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Spicy Summer Burrito


  This spicy summer burrito is bursting full of flavour, but it is still light and fresh at the same time. Don’t let the word spicy in the title put you off, you can make it less spicy by leaving the chillies out of the Mexican coleslaw and not adding the chipotle sauce, or just… 

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