Food and Guilt


  That pang of guilt after eating something unhealthy was something that I battled with for years. When I was overweight and I was trying to diet to lose weight, I would feel really horrible and hate myself after I ate something that wasn’t on the plan I was following, but here is why those… 

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Giveaway: Win a £100/$150 Amazon Voucher

Spogo Giveaway

  I have another exciting giveaway for you all where one of you can win a £100 or $150 Amazon voucher. You can enter wherever you are in the world and the voucher will be in your country’s currency. I have a couple more REALLY exciting giveaways happening in the next 2 weeks including a… 

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Top 15 Healthy Chocolate Desserts

Chocolate Collage

  Who doesn’t love a chocolate dessert? Even better when it is healthy, right? Take a look at my round-up of the top 15 healthy chocolate desserts that will fix your sweet craving in a healthy way. I have lots more healthy chocolate dessert recipes coming soon, so make sure you look out for them…. 

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