Space Saving DIY Herb Garden

Herb Garden Featured

  I have something a bit different for you on the HHH blog today, but you will be seeing a few more of these types of posts over the coming months. As the weather is getting warmer, and a bit more reliable, it is time to start thinking about sorting the garden out and doing… 

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How To Order a Healthier Takeaway

Takeaway featured

  It’s Friday and you might be thinking about ordering a takeaway this weekend. Nothing wrong with that! We still order takeaway, although a LOT less than we used to and I still had a takeaway every couple of weeks whilst I was losing weight. I didn’t totally cut it out, I just made better… 

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A Guide To Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins Collage

  Making sure your diet contains enough vitamins and minerals is essential for a healthy body, so I thought I would talk a bit about a few different vitamins and minerals, what they do and where you can get them from. If you want to be kept up to date on my new healthy and… 

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Random Acts Of Kindness


  I love the concept of random acts of kindness. They can be big gestures, or just small every day things that will make people smile. They can be anonymous, or people can know about them. However you do them, you are doing something to spread kindness and I think there needs to be more… 

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