Cinco de Mayo – Best Mexican Recipes

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I really love Mexican food. Have I mentioned that before? I am sure I have. Anything that comes with a side of guacamole is a definite winner for me. I seem to have gotten myself a reputation for being a bit of an avocado fiend (pretty fair to be honest). On Instagram, a HHH reader tagged me in a photo about avocados. They saw avocados and thought of me – I guess I do talk about/eat them pretty often. What can I say? It’s green gold!

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Tomorrow is Cindo de Mayo and I shall be celebrating Mexicaness with a big Mexican feast. We really wanted to go back to Mexico this year, but we are unable to, so we are just going to have to eat lots of Mexican food to make ourselves feel better. I thought I would share some of my favourite Mexican recipes that I have posted here on HHH, as well as some recipes from around the web that I really like the look of. The title of each recipe is clickable and will take you to the full recipe.


Chicken Burrito Bowl



Mexican Lentil Stew


Slow Cooked Lime and Coriander Chicken Tacos


Salmon Tacos with Avocado Cream


Mexican Coleslaw


Chicken Tortilla Soup


Turkey Chilli


Chicken Enchiladas


Bean Burrito


Bean Chilli with Avocado Salsa


Vegan Burrito Bowl


Spicy Summer Burrito


Here are some of my favourite Mexican recipes from around the web:

Mexican Lentil Tacos from Recipes From A Pantry

Mexican Rice from Simply Sensational Food

Breakfast Burrito from Ren Behan

Simple Chicken Mole from London Unattached

Honey Lime Tequila Shrimp from Tartine and Apron Strings

Smothered Chile Colorado Burrito from Chef in Training

Mexican Pickled Potatoes from The Daily Spud

Mexican Breakfast Eggs from Lavender and Lovage

Mexican Casserole from Running Cupcake

What is your favourite Mexican dish? Leave a comment below – you might see a healthier version of it on the blog soon!

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  1. says

    To be honest, we never really eat Mexican at home. I think it’s the beans and veg involved. Dan’s not a big lover of veg and is so awkward when I’m cooking meals in the evening! I’m a fan though…especially guacamole! Yum!

  2. says

    Yum! I do love Mexican food. All that guacamole :) And the spices are just so tasty.
    I love a good chilli as well. I think my favourite meal are fajitas – I love the assembly process!

    • Dannii says

      That is what I love about Mexican food, putting it all together. That is why it makes a good dinner party meal I think.

  3. says

    I spied a vegan recipe in there! I haven’t tried Mexican food in forever but your post has me now craving it! Such beautiful colours!

  4. Kathy says

    I am going to try and making the slow cooked chicken tomorrow. I use my slow cooker so much, as it saves a lot of time, but I struggle for ideas of what to put in it sometimes.

  5. Gemma says

    Love your recipes – so creative. Thanks for sharing this round-up. There are some here that I have not tried.

  6. Linda says

    We make your Mexican coleslaw every week in our house. Even my kids love it, although they pick out the big bits of red chilli. We have it with a Mexican meal and then I eat the leftovers on salads for the next couple of days.

  7. Nia says

    Everything looks so delicious. I don’t know which one to try first. I am fairly new to your blog, but I have subscribed and I am really enjoying all the recipes.

  8. says

    I think at the moment I pretty much love anything that can be topped with avocado or guacamole! I like Mexican food as I like a little tiny bit of spice but not too much, plus avocado seems to help balance out any spiciness.
    I have never been a fan of chilli and chocolate though- I have tried a few variations but I always wonder why ruin perfectly good chocolate by making it so spicy!!

  9. says

    THANKS so much for adding my Breakfast Eggs Dannii and what a FABULOUS idea to gather lots of Mexican recipes as a round up! I am a Fiesta Baby being born on the 5th May, so every Cinco de Mayo I party even harder than everyone else! LOL! Karen

  10. Erin says

    Haha, I had a feeling that you liked Mexican food ;) That is a good thing for me, as I love it too and I love seeing your healthy take on Mexican recipes.

  11. Tracy says

    This all looks lovely. I didn’t actually know what Cinco de mayo was (I had to google it) but anything that celebrated with Mexican food is good with me. I am going to make something off this list tomorrow for dinner.

  12. Laura says

    I have actually made all your Mexican recipes and I love them – especially the chicken burrito bowl. It is a good way to use up leftover vegetables and the chicken from my weekly food prep.