Feta and Sundried Tomato Stuffed Potatoes

by Dannii on December 13, 2013

Feta and Sundried Tomato Stuffed Potatoes
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Potatoes have to be one of the most versatile foods there are and they are cheap and filling too. When I was a student, I pretty much lived on potatoes, but I must admit that I wasn’t very adventurous with how I cooked them. All I did was cover them in cheese. That probably gives you a brief idea as to why I was so overweight.

I love stuffed potatoes because they are easy to make, fairly quick, and a great way to use up leftovers. If you look in your fridge and realise you have a tiny portion of 4 different cheeses, then this is the dish to use those on. You can use any leftover vegetables and throw some meat in there too if you like, although it doesn’t need it.

You could also make these using little baby potatoes and they would make a great dish at a Christmas party. Small enough for people to eat with their hands and they don’t make a lot of mess. You can add pretty much any filling you want, so use different cheeses, herbs and vegetables to suit your tastes. I like to make Mexican versions of these with coriander, red pepper and chilli.

I used GreenVale Farm Fresh potatoes for this recipe and they have to be the best potatoes I have come across. I had a whole bag of them and I used them for mash, roast and this recipe and they were suitable for all of those. I also like that on the pack it tells you the name of the person that picked the potatoes and the farm they came from.


Ingredients – Serves 2:

- 2 medium sized potatoes (170g each)

- 60g feta cheese

- 2 sundried tomatoes

- 2 tbsp fresh chives, chopped

- 1 clove of garlic, crushed


1) Wash the potatoes and then microwave them for 4 minutes each side. You can cook them in the oven, but obviously it takes much longer.

2) After they have cooked in the microwave, cut them in half and scoop of the flesh and put in a bowl with the feta, sundried tomatoes, chives and garlic.

3) Put the mixture into the holes of the potatoes and then put in the oven at 190C/370F for 10 minutes.



What is your favourite way to eat potato? Comment below.

Nutritional Information – Per person 

Calories: 315

Fat: 8

Carbs: 27

Protein: 8

Fibre: 3


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1 Bei

Goodness!! Love potatoes, this is perfect!! Thanks for sharing


2 Irene

I am saving all of your recipes to make them in the new year. I WILL lose weight next year.


3 Becky

Chives and potatoes go so well together. I always mix some in to my mashed potato.


4 pam

I love your hassleback potatoes. You have me hooked on them!


5 Tracy

Mmmmm, these sound great for the cold weather.


6 Jen

I love the sound of these. My favourite way to eat potatoes is a baked potatoes. Every bonfire night we have a baked potato bar and the whole family loves it, as they can have any toppings they like.


7 Tammy

You can’t beat a really good roast potato.


8 Francesca

I am going to make these for lunch tomorrow :) Thanks for the recipe.


9 Angela

I always make these when I have a lot of leftovers too. I am thinking of doing turkey and cranberry ones for our Christmas party. Maybe with a blue cheese?


10 Charlotte

Would you have meat and vegetables with this? Or just a salad?


11 Michelle

These would make a good starter.


12 Donna

I love mashed potato with roasted garlic. Mmmm.


13 Nadine

What would you have them with?


14 Lauren

I am happy that I subscribed to your blog :)


15 Olivia

These sound really good. I have a big bag of potatoes that need using up.


16 Rebecca

I was just making a list of food for our Holiday party and I have just added these to it. Thanks for the idea!


17 Wendy

I thought that was bacon haha


18 Paula

They look SO good!


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