How I Actually Lost Weight Over Christmas


Before you wonder, no, it wasn’t through being ill (that would have been a short blog post). Although that has happened before and that was not a very merry Christmas at all.

I also want to state that this weight loss over Christmas was not intentional. I am all for indulging a little at Christmas and not tracking every single calorie and I definitely did indulge, but I still managed to lose 2lbs. I didn’t tell myself “you can’t have that” or “leave that, it isn’t healthy”. In fact, my eating over the past couple of days has included snacking on chocolate, creamy dips, lots of fruit juice and not so much fresh fruit, dessert after lunch and dinner and some wine and cocktails too. Oh, and cheese. There was a cheese board. On the other hand, there was also a whole lot of vegetables, lean meats and about 95% of things were made from scratch, so nothing artificial)

So, how did I lose weight by eating those kinds of foods? Well, firstly, I don’t eat like that all I time. I don’t just eat those foods at Christmas, I still eat them occasionally throughout the year too, but they don’t make up the majority of my diet. My diet is mostly clean (here is what I define clean eating as) and believe it or not, your body actually likes the change of some not so clean foods every now and again, as it helps your metabolism, which can help with weight loss. When I was losing 100lb, when I hit a plateau, it was usually always because I was in a strict routine and not giving myself a treat meal (or cheat, whatever you want to call it). When I started having those, I found I would start losing weight again.

But what I mainly put my weight loss down to, or at least the reason for not gaining any weight whilst eating those foods over the past couple of days, is that I didn’t overdo it and I didn’t eat until I felt sick like I have so many years before. I know you might be thinking “but it is so hard” or “easier said than done”. Of course it is hard and it is definitely easier said than done, but that doesn’t make it impossible. This isn’t a change I just made over night and this is actually the first Christmas that it just “clicked”. Whilst I was eating some apple pie and custard, I was really enjoying it. No guilt whatsoever and I finished it and was satisfied. There was loads leftover and I could have easily had a second portion, but I didn’t. The reason why I didn’t have a second portion wasn’t because I didn’t want to gain weight over Christmas or because I felt like I wasn’t allowed, but I just reminded myself that I didn’t need it. I was full – a comfortable full, and I remember that feeling of so many Christmas’ in the past where despite feeling like I was going to burst, I still had “just one more chocolate” (which was actually 5+ more) that I didn’t need. I felt so horrible and bloated and I did not want to feel that way this year.

So, in a roundabout way, I am saying that it came down to not overeating. I still ate absolutely everything that I wanted to, but didn’t eat more than I needed to.

If you did overeat, don’t stress about it. It is just one day (or a few days). If you did gain weight, also don’t stress over it and don’t beat yourself up as that won’t help. Just get back to making healthier changes (there is loads of advice on that in the Weight Loss section of the blog) and take it one step at a time.

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog by email as there are lots of exciting things coming in the New Year and they will be emailed to you so you don’t miss anything.

What was your approach towards Christmas eating this year? Leave a comment below.



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  1. Jennyb says

    Having experienced a very stressful time recently i decided not to fight it and go with the flow so i have most certainly gained weight but i needed time for my mind and body to recover. My tutors and support were right.

    But 2nd of January when i go back to my own flat and temptation is no longer around and the gym is open again, it’s going to be a fresh start (and lose the weight i’ve gained) and back to normal healthy ways.

  2. sandy henry says

    green smoothie for breakfast, home made soup for lunch and normal dinner – if i’m making pasta for family, i’ll have soup instead and i’m still having goodies and losing weight x

  3. Dawn says

    I am actually pretty pleased with my eating this Christmas. There is room for improvement, but it is much better than it has been in the past. I am putting part of this down to all the great advice from this blog. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put in to it. I really appreciate it.

  4. Kathy says

    You are definitely my inspiration! I hope to be able to eat like this soon, but at the moment I am stuck in the all or nothing cycle.

  5. Rosie says

    Merry Christmas. Looking forward to everything you will be posting in the new year. I have a feeling I am going to need it.

  6. Gerry says

    Thanks for the clean eating link. I have always wondered what that actually meant, but I suppose it depends on the individual.

  7. Jennie says

    I did exactly the same. I didn’t deny myself anything and I didn’t gain weight either. Yay for balance. Merry Christmas!