How To Boost Your Immune System

by Dannii on November 30, 2013

How To Boost Your Immune System
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We are now at that time of year where everyone around us seems to be coughing or sneezing. I am just getting over a nasty cold myself and I am glad that I have gotten it out of the way for the Christmas season. There is nothing worse than trying to get in the festive spirit when you feel like your nose is more red than Rudolph’s and your head feels like it is going to explode.

A healthy diet that is full of fruit and vegetables goes a long way to helping you not come down with too many illnesses throughout the year, but you can also take a supplement that boosts your immune function.

Glucamune and Glucasan+ are beta-glucan supplements and beta-glucans are proven to boost immune function. They are totally natural and are derived from yeast and you take one a day as immune maintenance.

How does it work?

Our immune system – specifically cells called macrophages recognise certain receptors in the walls of pathogens (invading foreign bodies such as viruses) – this is mimicked by harmless Beta-Glucan 1-3, 1-6 which triggers an enhanced immune response which enables the body’s defence system to attack and overwhelm the invaders.

When our bodies are lacking in energy or nutrition, worn down with stress, recovering from an operation or illness, or when the virus is simply too strong – that response doesn’t happen fast enough. As a result, you become weakened and feel ill.

In studies, experts have found that the body actually recognises Beta-Glucan 1-3 , 1-6 as a pathogen, priming it for an immune response. Glucans activate both the macrophages (immune cells) and neutrophils (abundant but innate immune cells) to navigate to and overcome pathogens. More activated white cells are ready to attack, creating a rapid response to infection.

 Watch this video to see more on how they work.



Vitalize Beta-Glucan Immune Support Systems produces three types of Beta-Glucan 1-3, 1-6, which are now available at and Tesco Nutricentres and Wholefoods Market Stores nationwide.

Glucamune £19.95 for 45 capsules
Glucasan+ £22.99 for 60 capsules
Betamune75 £34.75 for 75 capsules



What are your tips for keeping healthy and not getting ill? Comment below!

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3 joana

I have never heard about this before but I’m thinking of giving it a try as I find that vitamin c it’s not enough for me. Do you think I can find it in local pharmacy/chemist?
while looking for near by open pharmacies I came a cross this android app
that is very good when you need to find an open pharmacy near to you.. It’s great specially at night when everything is closed..


4 Fiona

I think I will stick to vegetables. Much cheaper!


5 Dannii

These are not meant to replace vegetables, but supplement them.


6 Martine

I am definitely going to pick some of these up (just seen you can get them at Tesco), as our family is always getting ill. If there is a bug, my kids will pick it up.


7 Dannii

I hope they help.


8 Karin

I would also like to know if you can buy these in a shop as I am not very good with internet shopping. Thanks x


9 Dannii

You can get them in Tesco pharmacies.


10 Laura

Urghhh, I need to do something as I am always getting sick. I try to get as much healthy food as I can, but it is so expensive.


11 Dannii

It can get expensive. Make sure you check out my post on healthy eating on a budget


12 Gail

My friend takes these and she never gets ill. I asked her for information on how the worked, but she didn’t know, so thanks for sharing this with us.


13 Dannii

You’re welcome.


14 Yyvonne

All a bit too sciencey for me haha.


15 Dannii

It is good to be well informed though :)


16 Elizabeth

Interesting! I have not heard of these before. Can you buy them in any shops? Or just online?


17 Dannii

You can get them in Tesco pharmacies.


18 Kate

My best tip is to get enough vitamin C!


19 Dannii

Yes, lots of vitamin C is important.


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