How To Motivate Yourself To Get Up Early For A Workout

by Dannii on April 17, 2014

How To Motivate Yourself To Get Up Early For A Workout
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If you are like me, then you want to get your workout out of the way as early as possible, otherwise you will spend the day finding excuses to miss the workout. But, there is a problem. Not many people like having to get up any earlier than they already have to. I know I don’t. I want to get as much sleep as I possibly can (as the infographic below shows), as I don’t get enough as it it. The alarm goes off and I want just 5 more minutes. But, if I want to reach my goals and stay healthy, then I need to get up and get that workout done. I always know I will feel great after it.

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I thought it would help if I shared the things that help me get up in the morning for my workout.

  • Pack your gym bag the night before – Knowing that everything is packed and ready to go will make it easier to get up as you don’t have much to do and you can be out the door quickly.
  • Make a workout schedule – At the end of each week, I write out my workout schedule for the coming week. I don’t always stick to it exactly, as sometimes things come up, but seeing it all written down makes it easier for me to stick to. I know I have to get up at 6am for my workout, so I do.
  • Tell the world – Who cares that your Facebook friends get annoyed with your updates about your gym. Better then updates about how wasted they are! Update the night before that you are heading to the gym early. You might even motivate someone to do the same. Once you have told the world about it, it is harder to skip.
  • Move your alarm clock to the other side of the room – If you have to actually get out of bed to turn your alarm clock off, then you are less likely to go back to sleep again.
  • Make sure you have great music on your iPod – Of course you are not going to want to get up for a boring workout. I put my favourite songs onto my iPod and reminding myself of that when my alarm goes off makes that workout much more appealing.
  • Make a date with a workout buddy – I know now everyone likes to workout with someone, but if you have arranged to meet some at the gym, you most likely won’t skip it as you won’t want to let them down.
  • Reward yourself - No, not with cake. If I have gone 2 weeks with getting up early for all my workouts, then that deserves a reward. I will treat myself to a new workout shirt or some nail polish or something.
  • Give it time – This isn’t going to be something you will instantly be able to do, so give it time to ease yourself in to it. But, your body with adjust to your new routine after a few weeks.
  • Plan your breakfast – Knowing that I have a nice breakfast after my workout makes it that much easier to get it done.
  • Turn of your TV well before bed – You need to give your brain time to relax before bed, otherwise you won’t sleep very well.
  • Get enough sleep – It goes without saying, but if you are not getting enough sleep, then you are not going to want to get up early.
  • Have you coffee cup ready to be filled – Take a look at the infographic below by Jordans. It shows that a massive 57% of people need coffee to fuel their day ahead. The rest of the statistics on how people start their morning are really interesting too – 64% of people say that a warm and sunny day helps them get their day off to a good start. I know a sunny morning helps me to get out of bed.


Jordans Perfect Morning v10


What are your tips for getting out of bed early for a workout? Are you a morning or night exerciser? Leave a comment below.




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1 Parafarmacia Peña Las Aguilas

Great ideas!! Thank you for the advice.


2 lauraagarwilson (keepinghealthygettingstylish)

Haha, love the idea of having the alarm clock at the other side of the room! When I was exercising first thing, it was always having my workout gear ready and waiting that helped me :-)


3 Nazima

I love this! – morning is the only time I can make for myself so I shall be using your tips!


4 Heidi Roberts

I never like getting out of bed in the morning – thank goodness for the snooze button on the phone!!


5 London Unattached Lifestyle and Travel

Morning exercise is much better for me – my only way of coping though is to have the cross trainer at home. I’ve tried so hard to get to the gym in the morning and it simple doesn’t work!


6 Mary

Some great tips!
I tend to work out in the evening as part of my running club or with friends but do enjoy my early morning runs – like you said, It’s nice to have them ticked off for the day!
I always lay out my running clothes the night before a morning run so that I can sneak out without waking my boyfriend.


7 Jacqueline Meldrum

Some really good tips Dannii, but it’s still not going to happen. Not while I have Cooper to see to in the morning.


8 Ren Behan

I do like the Jordan’s infographic, luckily we’re a porridge family, sadly we are not early risers!


9 Karen

Great info graphics and I DO love a bowl of Jordan’s muesli too!


10 Choclette

I’m not sure I call my exercises a work out exactly, but if I don’t do them first thing in the morning, they don’t get done.


11 Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

I much prefer a morning workout to get it out of the way. I find that I get less done with an evening workout other than yoga as I’m generally far too tired by then.


12 Amy

I would definitely love to have breakfast with George Clooney. Not sure I could leave him to go workout though lol


13 Janie

Ha! Love the alarm calls :)
Janie x


14 Pearl

Great tips! I am going to try these as the morning is really the only time that I have to workout, but I find it so difficult to get up.


15 Anna @AnnaTheApple

It’s the evening that I really struggle with. I’ve had the entire day to convince myself I can’t be bothered. Luckily though I’m usually running with the club so I’m motivated to go because I always know I’ll enjoy it.


16 Jo Bryan

All great ideas, the preparation tips are useful, if you are ready to go, its way easier and less stress, thanks


17 Dee

Some really useful tips here. I totally agree with this one – Turn of your TV well before bed. I make it a point to stay away from all electronic gadgets an hour before I hit the bed. Makes it easier to fall asleep as the mind is already in a relaxed mode.


18 Zoe

Hahahaha I love the notes on the alarm clock. Is that your alarm? Thinking that there was a snake in my bed would definitely get me up.


19 Nayna Kanabar (@citrusspiceuk)

Some really good tips here I love the idea of the alarm clock away from reach to force you to get up.


20 Sedona Cole

I never thought you would actually be able to come up with techniques to inspire me to get up early but you managed to!! Great practical tips, thanks for that :) I think the biggest thing for me is not making a goal, but a ‘decision’. I realized that after reading ‘The Audacity of Success’ with outrageous stories of success of all kinds. Amazing points above. Thanks for sharing them!! God bless :)


21 Johanna

I motivate myself by one simple thought: not the thought about a straneous workout comming up, but the thought about that great feeling that you have when you just finished a nice workout – how good I feel when I’m done (and you know you don’t have to think about how to get around your workout for the rest of the day)


22 Gail

I put my alarm the other side of the room this morning and it did make getting up a little easier, but I still didn’t want to get up lol


23 Julie

I really love your blog. Thank you.


24 Imogen

Could I not just pay you to motivate me? ;)


25 Hayley

I am going to start writing all my workouts in my diary so I know when I have to workout. Good idea!


26 Melanie

This is why I love having a fitness Facebook page. It isn’t anywhere near as big as yours, but I tell everyone about my workouts and I don’t want to let them down by not doing it.


27 Sarah

Thank you for the advice.


28 Cara

I wish I could get up early, but no matter I do I just can’t. My husband even offered to come to the gym with me, but I just want to sleep more.


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