Lime, Chilli and Mustard Salad Dressing

by Dannii on February 21, 2013

Lime, Chilli and Mustard Salad Dressing
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I know some people who think a salad is just lettuce, cucumber and tomato and they are always saying “I don’t know how you can eat salads – they are so boring”. I would get bored with eating that too. But, salads can, and should, be so much more than that. Lettuce, cucumber and tomato is just the basic base to my salads. They can be so versatile, so healthy and so delicious.

I am still trying to get through all the salmon I bought and put in the freezer. It is nearly all gone now, so I thought I would use one of the last pieces to go with a new salad dressing that I created out of things I just had in my kitchen. The dressing really can make the salad, so get a bit creative with it and try some new things out. You really can’t mess it up. If it has too much oil, add some more vinegar or the other way round.

This recipe is just for the dressing, but the actual salad was romaine, spinach, cucumber, tomato, celery, potato slices, salmon and asparagus.


Ingredients – Serves 2:

- Juice of 1 lime (if it is not very juicy, use 2)

- 1 tbsp olive oil

- 3 tbsp white wine vinegar

- 1 tbsp Dijon mustard

- 1 tsp chopped red chilli

- 2 tbsp chopped fresh basil

- Cracked black pepper


1) Mix everything together and pour over the salad.




Nutritional Information Рper person:

Calories: 89

Fat: 7.5

Carbs: 6

Protein: 1

Fibre: 1.5


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1 Jamie Gibbs

I’m always wary about lime in salads, but this looks pretty dang tasty, and really good on the calories too!



2 Olivia

I am trying to eat a salad every day at the moment, so more salad recipes will help keep it interesting.


3 Maxine

I just discovered your blog. I love it, so much great stuff.


4 Kelly

I love your food photos. Yummy.


5 Lucy

The dressing sounds good. I have all of those ingredients too.


6 Katya

Can’t wait to make this for lunch tomorrow.


7 Claire

This sounds lovely. Thank you for all the recipes Dannii :)


8 Kathleen

That salad looks so good. I haven’t had asparagus since the summer, I think I might have to buy some tomorrow.


9 Alison

I am always looking for new salad dressings. Thank you.


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