No Equipment Needed Stairs Workout


The kind of workouts that I like to share with you all are ones that don’t require any equipment, they are free to do and they can be adapted to suit all fitness levels. I believe that working out should be assessable to everyone, regardless of if you have a gym membership or workout equipment at home and even if you have never worked out a day in your life. There is something for everyone and I will be sharing more of that on the blog.

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This is one of my absolute favourite workouts to do, for all of the reasons mentioned above, but also because if you want to you can make it one epic workout that you will feel for the next couple of days. Another great thing is that you can do it almost anywhere. You can do it at home (providing you live in a house with stairs of course), you can find some stairs near where you live, or (and this is usually when I use this workout) if you are travelling there is most likely always a huge set of stairs somewhere (normally leading to some beautiful tourist attraction) and it makes the ideal way to stay fit whilst on holiday.

Here are the stairs that I did this workout on whilst I was in Paris last year. There were a lot of people around, but a lot of people were doing the same thing. See the woman doing press-ups going DOWN the stairs? That isn’t me, but she looked annoyed at her trainer for making her do them.






Do the above workout as many times as you like to suit your own abilities. This is just to give you an idea of how you can use stairs to get in a great workout. Make the jumps as big or as small as you like or simply just walk up and down the stairs a few times as your workout. Do it at your own level.


This workout was inspired by my challenge this week for the AXA PPP healthcare 52 Little Things challenge to take the stairs. I guess I went to the extreme a little bit with this weeks challenge by using the stairs for an entire workout, but you can start gently and just start taking the stairs more often. When I was overweight, I would ALWAYS get in the lift, even to go just one floor. When I made the decision to get healthy, I started taking the stairs more often. I started out getting the lift to one floor below where I needed to be and taking the stairs to the extra floor and gradually increased it from there. I was terrified of stairs for years as I literally thought I would die if I was going to climb up them. Which is why I am sure you can see why climbing all the way to the top of this Mayan pyramid in Mexico last year was a HUGE achievement for me.


So, take the stairs more often and use them for your workouts.


Have you ever done a stairs workout before? Have you ever climbed that many stairs like the pyramid above? Did you love it? Leave a comment below :)

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  1. says

    Oh my god! I’m SO trying this! It looks absolutely mental and painful. I can’t wait! I just wish I had stairs in the house, but I guess I’ll just have to face loads of staring.

  2. says

    I try to do the stairs as much as possible. I even wrote a post on going up 15 flights of stairs at It really humbles your fitness. I have since moved to the 20th floor. I have walked down the 20 flights, but I have not tacked the up portion. Maybe later.

    However, I love the little extra workouts you added. I may have to fit that in during lunch. And I’ve always wanted to do the stair climb races. I missed it this year, because it was the weekend after my marathon. I’ve also wanted to do the Great Wall of China run.

    • Dannii says

      The stair races look so much run, especially the Empire State Building one. The view from the top would make it all worth it.

  3. says

    Wow, this is something I needed for when hubby is working, and im unable to get out and attempt a run. Thank you. Will be pinning it to my fridge!

  4. says

    Such a great and simple post Dannii. I am terrible with stairs. I hate them. I do however always do the big long escalator in Holborn station because when I worked there we used to challenge each other to do it every day and th habit has kinda stuck!

  5. says

    I trained for a charity trek by stair climbing. It was a brilliant way to get fit. We climbed up and down the 51 floors of a hotel service stairs. After the first time I couldn’t walk down my own stairs for a week without crying out, but soon graduated to twice then three times up and down. A real feeling of achievement, helped me conquer some challenging hills and free.

    • Dannii says

      I know what you mean about not being able to walk down stairs without crying out. I have been having that same problem today. Sitting down is a challenge too.

  6. says

    This is really inventive. There’s so much you can do with one staircase! Although I would be hating my trainer if he made me do press-ups whilst going down the stairs too. And no doubt I’d be sliding face first towards the bottom before too long!

    • Dannii says

      Haha, yes! I would worry that I would tumble down. I am clumsy at the best of times, let alone doing this.

  7. says

    Not sure I would have managed the stair workout when I was in Paris for the marathon hehe but it does look epic.
    Great way to strengthen those legs up and get the heart rate going.

  8. says

    I actually miss commuting on the tube because I used to get so much exercise racing up the escalators climbing on the left rather than standing still on the right. My colleagues often used to remark “oh I saw you fly past me this morning!”

    So I can indeed vouch for the effectiveness of a stairs workout even if I am not doing them these days. I must confess I took the funicular to Sacre Coeur on my visit but in my defence it was an incredibly hot day.

    • Dannii says

      I took the funicular down, just because I wanted to go in it. Plus, it is a pretty amusing word :)
      I always walk up the stairs at tube stations too – the quicker I can get out of there the better.

  9. says

    Oh man, stair workouts are SO intense!! I’ve done them a few times, and could barely walk by the end. It feels like such an accomplishment though. And my husband and I thought about doing the pyramid when we were in the Myan for our honeymoon, but we chickened out 😉

    • Dannii says

      If you can’t walk by the end of it then you know it was a good workout haha.
      I nearly backed out of doing it, but the view from the top was amazing. I went ziplining upside down the next day, so I must have been having an adventurous couple of days :)

  10. says

    I like the “hurts so good” aspect of stair workouts! My former trainer would have us run stairs out on Riverside Park on the West side of Manhattan and although it was a killer, it definitely was good for a change of pace in our classes. One time we had to do 44 sets (and these things are no easy task!) bc it was one of the guy’s 44th birthday. Nobody was talking or smiling much that time. :) love to run stairs in Paris, how chic!

    • Dannii says

      I bet everyone wished that guy was younger so they didn’t have to run as many stairs. Great idea though. Like you say, a change of pace in workouts is good :)

    • Dannii says

      I sometimes add these workouts in to my day. Our bathroom is upstairs, so every time I go, I lunge up and down the stairs. With the amount of water I drink, I will have buns of steal in no time lol.

  11. says

    I love the idea of an entire workout on the stairs, even though it IS kind of crazy! I just got a job in a new building and I was actually happy about that fact that I’m on the 2nd floor now. That means I get to walk up stairs every day :)

    • Dannii says

      It is a little bit crazy, but that’s a good thing, right? How about you lunge up the stairs at work? 😀

  12. says

    I don’t mind climbing stairs- I get a bit impatient at Covent Garden station so will go up the stairs there (shhh, I don’t think you are supposed to) but I don’t like the idea of touching them with my hands- imagine all the chewing gum and dog mess!
    Even walking up them is a great workout though.
    Amazing that you got to go up that pyramid too, I would love to see some of those.

    • Dannii says

      Yeah, I didn’t think of all the stuff on the steps. But then, I don’t like holding the tube poles for that reason too.
      They were so amazing and the view from the top made it even better.

  13. Julie says

    How often do you think I should be working out? I am only just starting with exercise and I want to make sure that I am doing enough, but I also know that I shouldn’t push myself too much in the beginning. Any advice?

  14. Martha says

    I think I might be a bit too old for something as energetic as this, but I will pass it on to my daughter as she is trying to improve her fitness.

    • Dannii says

      Never too old! There are people in their 70s doing marathons. But don’t push yourself to do something that you can’t. Thanks for passing on to your daughter – I appreciate you sharing it.

  15. says

    Wah! What an amazing work out! I’ve been trying to get out of my funk and try something new and I enjoy stair climbing so will have to do these tomorrow!

  16. Leah says

    You could do a whole workout guide with no equipment workouts. I haven’t been in a gym for over a year and I am still really fit. I have saved a fortune too.

    • Dannii says

      I am working on a book at the moment, a healthy living guide, and it will have recipes and workouts in it. Watch this space!

  17. Mandy says

    I really love your workout posts Dannii – they really inspire me. I just generally love all your posts. I am not some crazy stalker by the way, just someone that gets a lot of motivation from your blog.

  18. Raya says

    This looks tough! I really need to start pushing myself if I am going to lose the last stone that I want to and I guess I need to up my workouts to things like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dannii says

      It is pretty tough, so build your way up to it. Exercise is great for weight loss, but make sure you have a clean diet too.

  19. Andy says

    I do these kinds of workouts with my clients and it always builds up a sweat, even for me. You get out what you put in.

    • Dannii says

      You really do. I am training to be a PT at the moment and I will definitely be doing these with my clients.

  20. Louise says

    I have been there in Paris. Seeing your picture has made me want to go back, although perhaps not as I gained so much weight when I was there from all the cheese bread and wine.

    • Dannii says

      I SO know what you mean. I ate a ton! We walked a lot too, but nowhere near enough to burn off what we ate. It was worth it though, it is such a beautiful place.

  21. says

    We saw people working out on the stairs in Montmartre too! Just walking up those, I felt the burn, and we saw people running up and down, up and down! It stressed me out because of the crowds, I would be afraid of hitting someone while running and falling the rest of the way down.

    • Dannii says

      Haha, I shouldn’t laugh but I can imagine doing a squat jump in to a tourist and then just tumbling down and taking others down with you like dominos. Yeah, it was pretty crowded when we did our workout there.

  22. Donna says

    I just emailed this to my friend and we are going to do it on Saturday as we are trying to do a new workout every week. Thanks for the ideas!

  23. Sophie says

    I have not heard of a stairs workouts before, but it sounds like a great idea and beats the treadmill any day!

    • Dannii says

      It definitely does. I think it is important to keep your workouts varied so that you don’t get too bored.

  24. Jess says

    I am always looking for new fun workouts and this is just my type of thing. I would add in some running up the steps side-ways whilst crossing legs. That is one if you have good co-ordination though!

    • Dannii says

      That is a great addition – thanks for sharing. I agree, definitely one for the coordinated, which is not me 😉

  25. Lydia Jole says

    WHAT? Are you crazy? Just joking. But those stairs look scary. I think I could only make it half way up. Maybe I should make this my workout challenge to complete all of this.

    • Dannii says

      Haha, maybe I am a *little* crazy. But in a good way, I hope. Yes, make this your challenge and build up slowly to it. You can do it!

  26. Charlotte says

    This workout might just kill me if I did all of it more than once. But I will take your advice and take it at my own pace.

  27. says

    Alll of those stair photo’s look brutal. I’m not in the best shape and I know they would hurt. I do have stairs in my house so I could definitely incorporate some of your work out ideas. I’ve taken a little break from working out after an injury and I think today may be my first day back.
    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Dannii says

      I hope you are recovered from your injury? I had to take a break from working out a while ago, but I am happy to be back at it. I hope your first day back went well :)

  28. Hayley says

    I am a big fan of stairs workouts. Like you, I usually do them when I am travelling for work and the hotel I am staying in doesn’t have a gym. Really quick and effective workout. I never thought to do squat jumps though, so thanks for sharing that.

  29. Victoria says

    Great picture from Mexico – it brings back a lot of great memories. I have done that climb too and took so many photos but unfortunately my camera got stolen on the trip, so I don’t have any. It was great to experience it though. Not sure I could climb up it now haha

    • Dannii says

      Oh no! So sorry to hear that it got stolen, I would be so gutted. Did you manage to get any on your phone too?

  30. says

    Stairs are a GREAT workout! We have two flights here and with four kids I am constantly up and down – very good for muscle tone etc :) Love those photos btw, now those ARE a workout!

  31. says

    I love workouts that don’t require equipment. This is why I run and do yoga allllllaaa the time. OH and hiking obviously too. JUST GET ME OUTSIDE!

    • Dannii says

      It was very high. I did have a bit of a panic half way up when I looked down. You should never look down!

  32. nadia says

    I live in a bungalow, so this isn’t an option in my house 😉 But I live near a huge set of stairs and I always see people running up and down them and I always used to think they were mad. Now I see what they are doing. I might join them. One day/

  33. Jackie says

    I was going to look on Pinterest tonight for a new workout to try and then I saw this! Problem solved :) Thanks

  34. says

    I agree that working out should be accessible to everyone and love the idea of a stairs workout. My office is on the fourth floor and there is no lift so I have to walk four flights of stairs everyday whether I want to or not :)

  35. Michelle says

    Where is that in Mexico? We are going next year and I would love to do that as it would be a huge challenge for me too. I am the same as you and I avoid stairs as much as I possibly can because I know they will make so out of breath. I really need to improve my fitness levels, but I just don’t know where to start. Any advice?

  36. Alison says

    Wow! I am tired just looking at this. I think I could do the running up the stairs part, but not sure that I could manage the rest.