balsamic chicken

Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken

  Today is the first day of Autumn. WOO HOO! What better way to celebrate than breaking out the slow cooker and making some of this delicious balsamic chicken. If you want to be kept up to date on my new healthy and delicious recipes like this, then please subscribe to the blog mailing list (it takes 30 seconds) and you will get sent the new recipes straight to your inbox. Your email address won't be passed on to anyone and you will never be spammed. Click here to sign up I really, really. REALLY (honestly, really) love Autumn. The crisp mornings, the colder nights, the hot drinks, the comforting foods and the clothes. Oh the clothes! If I could wear fluffy hats and snuggly clothes all year round I would. I like cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket in the evening and I … Read More


Food and Guilt

  That pang of guilt after eating something unhealthy was something that I battled with for years. When I was overweight and I was trying to diet to lose weight, I would feel really horrible and hate myself after I ate something that wasn’t on the plan I was following, but here is why those… 

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Spicy Summer Burrito

  This spicy summer burrito is bursting full of flavour, but it is still light and fresh at the same time. Don’t let the word spicy in the title put you off, you can make it less spicy by leaving the chillies out of the Mexican coleslaw and not adding the chipotle sauce, or just… 

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How To Get Back On Track With Healthy Eating and Exercise

  I kind of feel like I am an expert in this area. I have gone off track and got back on again more times than I care to remember, but that doesn’t make me a failure, that makes me human. If you feel like this too, then congrats! You are also human. Falling down… 

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Healthier Chocolate Cake

  Well, here it is, finally – a healthier chocolate cake. I could eat chocolate cake until it comes out of my ears, but sadly that would do nothing for my health. I have been experimenting for a while to try and get the measurements right in a basic chocolate sponge, but replacing some of… 

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Spogo Giveaway

Giveaway: Win a £100/$150 Amazon Voucher

  I have another exciting giveaway for you all where one of you can win a £100 or $150 Amazon voucher. You can enter wherever you are in the world and the voucher will be in your country’s currency. I have a couple more REALLY exciting giveaways happening in the next 2 weeks including a… 

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Healthy Summer Coleslaw

Healthy Summer Coleslaw

  We might now be in September (YAY! My favourite month), but summer has not quite finished yet. I shall be hanging on to it for a couple more weeks with some light and fresh summer recipes like this summer coleslaw. Unlike the usual heavy and full of fat coleslaws that we fill our plated… 

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