Avocado Pasta Featured

Creamy Avocado Pasta

  A great comfort food for me is creamy pasta. It is comforting until I feel unwell after from the heavy cream. The alternative is to make it creamy without using cream. You are all well aware of my love of using yoghurt in replace of cream in recipes, and I did that with the Carbonara, but then I thought about about how versatile avocados are and how creamy guacamole is. Despite the creamy taste, this dish is also really light and all of the mixture of flavours really compliment each other. This would be great served cold at a BBQ or picnic too. Don't just use avocados for guacamole, they can be used for so much more. If you want to be kept up to date on my new healthy and delicious recipes like this, then please subscribe to the blog mailing list (it takes 30 seconds) and … Read More


How To Break Through an Exercise Rut

  We have all been there – we begin to find our workouts boring and we skip a workout one day because we just couldn’t find the time. The next day “something came up” and we miss another one, the day after that we just don’t feel like it and the next day you find… 

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Guac-Kale-Mole Featured


  Didn’t think avocados could get any better? They just did! Not only is Guac-Kale-Mole a feast for the eyes and ears, let’s face it, it’s fun to say as well. It’s fairly obvious from the title, but this is avocado and kale blended together to make an epic veggie packed guacamole. If you want… 

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Thai Green Curry Featured

Thai Green Curry

  You guys! I am SO excited. I am going to Thailand in June. I still can’t quite believe it, so hopefully actually writing it down like this will make it seem like a bit more of a reality. Also, I thought I would tie in telling you all about it with a recipe for… 

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Waffles Features

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Banana Waffles

  It’s nearly the weekend and that means waffle time! Although, don’t judge me, but I eat waffles during the week too. I am trying to show that waffles are no longer a weekend indulgence, but can be an every day healthy breakfast when you make a few little changes. These are also gluten free… 

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Feta, Red Pepper and Avocado Frittata Featured

Feta, Red Pepper and Avocado Frittata

  You all know that I love feta, avocado and eggs – well, I have put them all together in to one delicious, quick and easy frittata. It’s the perfect breakfast combination and pair it with some delicious sour dough bread and it is pretty much my ideal breakfast. Or, pair it with a salad… 

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Slow Cooked Garlic, Soy and Honey Chicken Tacos Feature

Slow Cooked Garlic, Soy and Honey Chicken Tacos

Happy Taco Tuesday! This is going to be a regular feature on HHH and every Tuesday I am going to be posting a Mexican recipe of some sort, not always tacos though because there are only so many tacos someone can eat and that is coming from me. If you want to be kept up… 

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