Friday Favourites – Mystery Gifts, Workouts and Nut Butter

11 July 2014
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  I have had a great week this week. Celebrating my anniversary, had some great workouts and discovered some new health and fitness products that I think you will love. I have shared them with you in this post. I hope you have all had a great week too If you want to be kept […]

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Healthy Chocolate Bars

10 July 2014
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  Yes, you did read the title correctly. The words healthy and chocolate are next to each other. This is one of the best things I have made in a long time (I have been saying that a lot recently, I guess I just really love my own recipes. That’s okay, right?) and I was […]

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The Ultimate Hummus Sandwich

9 July 2014
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  Posting a recipe for a sandwich kind of feels like posting a recipe for toast. It is pretty self explanatory – you make a sandwich by putting all the filling in between two pieces of bread. But, I think sometimes we can all get in a bit of a sandwich rut and run out […]

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How to Enjoy Exercise

8 July 2014
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  When I first decided to get healthy and change my diet, I knew that exercise was going to be an important part of that, but I just really didn’t enjoy it and I know I am not alone. People seem to think that even now I wake up every morning with this insane drive […]

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2 Ingredient Healthy Cookies

7 July 2014
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    Think this is one of those occasions where the title is too good to be true? Think again! These really do just have 2 ingredients (the basic recipe anyway, there are loads of extra things you can add to make different types of cookies), they are healthy and they are cookie like. It […]

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