Quinoa Sushi


I LOVE sushi and the city I live in has some amazing Japanese restaurants that my husband and I like to go to. Unfortunately, none of them that I have found serve brown rice sushi, so, if we are craving sushi, we make it ourselves (much like most food). I decided to go one step further and make it even healthier by making quinoa sushi.


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You might think that sushi is too much effort to make but it REALLY isn’t. It may take some people a little while to get to grips with the rolling, but it is fairly easy. Also, I hear people saying they think sushi is raw fish. It isn’t. The word sushi actually refers to vinegared rice. You can put any ingredient in it you want to make a healthy and tasty meal. Give it a try.

Ingredients – Serves 3 (my husband takes the extra portion to work):

– 3 sheets of nori

– 170g/half a cup of quinoa

– 3 tbsp thick greek yogurt

– 2 carrots, grated

– Half green pepper, sliced

– Half a salmon fillet, cooked

– 5 sticks of cucumber

– Half an avocado, sliced

– 4 tbsp rice vinegar

– 2 tbsp sesame seeds

– Soy sauce and wasabi


1) Cook quinoa in boiling water for 15 minutes (according to instructions). Allow to cool for 10 minutes (no longer as cold sushi does not work and if the sushi is too hot it will melt the nori)

2) Once the quinoa has cooled, stir in 3 tbsp of the rice vinegar.

3) Prepare the fillings by mixing the grated carrot with the yoghurt and slicing the pepper, cucumber and avocado.

4) Lay nori on a rolling mat

5) Put a 3rd of the qunioa on the nori, leaving a 1 inch gap at the top.

6) For the first roll, place half the avocado and half the smoked salmon in the middle of the quinoa.



7) Roll the sushi roll. Check out the video below to see how to do it and see the pictures after that show me doing it.

Once it is mostly rolled, and all you can see is the 1 inch part of nori that you left, mix some water with rice vinegar and spread a little on this seal (this will help it stick) – do this for all the rolls.








8) Start the next roll the same way with the nori and the quinoa and put the carrot/yogurt mix and peppers in the middle. Roll as before.



9) Now for the backwards rolled roll. Take your rolling mat (can pick these up in supermarkets or Japanese stores and wrap in cling film (saran wrap). Put the nori on it, cover with qunioa (still leaving an inch gap at the top) and then gently flip over so the quinoa is touching the cling film (saran wrap).

Put some salmon and avocado in the middle.

10) Roll as before, but being careful so the quinoa sticks to the outside. You have to do all of this fairly quick, so the qunioa doesn’t cool down too much, as it won’t stick. Sprinkle and roll in the sesame seeds.

11) Thinly slice with a VERY thin knife so you have maki rolls and serve with the soy and wasabi. We usually have some kind of Japanese vegetable dish on the side too.

You can also make some hand rolls as well.



Nutritional Information – per person:

Calories: 312

Fat: 9.3

Carbs: 46

Protein: 14.6

Fibre: 7


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  1. Elly says

    To be honest, I did always think sushi was too difficult to make, but this looks really easy. I shall give it a go and report back. If it is a disaster, I can always eat it with a fork haha.

  2. Laura says

    I am so, so happy you posted this. Sushi is my favourite meal, but it is not good for me because of the rice. I can’t wait to make it.

  3. Hannah says

    I have a friend coming over tomorrow and we usually order in sushi, but I am going to surprise her with this. Thanks for the recipe and the video of how to roll it. That is going to be interesting haha