Small Steps To Better Health This Autumn

by Dannii on October 30, 2013

Small Steps To Better Health This Autumn
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It’s easy to neglect what’s best for you in winter, reach for comfort food and avoid exercise to stay warm inside but by doing so you’re at risk of gaining up to 6 of those unwanted pounds over the autumn spell. Why not take these small steps to keeping healthy this winter, helping you feel better than you ever have before?


Stick to your exercise regime

Don’t let your enthusiasm for exercise die down in the colder months, set yourself an easy autumn fitness plan that helps you maintain the same level of fitness you uphold in the summer but which adjusts to darker, wetter and colder days outside.

Take an autumn stroll through a local park with your partner, friends or family, wrapping up warm and putting on a sturdy pair of walking boots – it’s an easy way to burn calories, increase your blood circulation and give your heart and lungs a boost with some much needed fresh air.


Autumn leaves

If you feel like pushing yourself that little bit further with more intense exercise such as running, remember that you should spend extra time warming up before going out in the cold as your muscles will be tighter in the colder temperatures, which could potentially lead to injury.


Eat well

Part of the reason we tend to pile on the pounds in autumn and winter is often down to developing a stronger desire to eat fatty foods to comfort ourselves and keep warm. It’s therefore important that while you might want to eat heartier meals, you also make an effort to eat the foods that will feed your body the vitamins it lacks in autumn and provides you with enough nutrients to fight off colds and flu.

Get everything you need from these seasonal foods: pumpkins and other squash, hearty greens like Brussels sprouts as well as other fruits and vegetables, which are dark and rich in colour like kale and pomegranate – all of which are packed with the essential vitamins and minerals to help you get through the colder seasons.


Get a good night’s sleep


getting a good nights sleep

It might not seem like much but getting a good night sleep is vital to help your immune system function to its best ability.

An adult should ensure that they are getting between at least 7 and 8 hours solid sleep a night to help battle seasonal colds & flu. This should all however, fall into place easily for you if you aim to maintain the first two steps as well – eating well and keeping fit.

These simple and straight-forward steps are easy to carry out on a daily basis and will of course ensure that you stay healthy throughout autumn. 


What are your top tips for staying healthy in the colder months? Leave a comment below.


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{ 24 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Kathleen

This post is awesome. I find that drinking a lot of tea helps me stay healthy and cozy in the winter. Keeps me warm and boosts my immune system! Green teas are the best for that :)


2 Dannii

Green tea is the best!


3 James

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is important all through the year. Not just winter.


4 Dannii

Of course, but these are tips for the colder weather :)


5 Julie

I have lemon, ginger and honey hot water at the first sign of feeling ill and I wake up the next morning feeling great.


6 Dannii

I love lemon and ginger water.


7 Carly

Thanks for the tips. I have a feeling I will be needing them, as I am a huge comfort eater.


8 Dannii

There are lots of healthy alternatives to comfort food in the recipe section :)


9 Alice

Do you have any other squash recipes? I had loads delivered in my fruit and veg box and I don’t know what to do with them all.


10 Dannii
11 Imy

I always eat so much more in the winter. But that is normal isn’t it? As our bodies need more fuel to keep us warm?


12 Dannii

Yes, it is normal. Just try to keep it healthy :)


13 Katie

I am loving the fitness plan in the link. Thanks for sharing that – I am going to try it.


14 Dannii

Keep us posted!


15 Sam

Thanks for the tips. I am determined not to get flu this winter. When I have in the past, it has really knocked me for 6.


16 Dannii

Healthy eating can make a huge difference.


17 Hayley

if I don’t eat enough fruit, I will always get a cold in the winter. I don’t really like eating fruit, so I make sure to drink a smoothie each day. My kids love them too.


18 Dannii

Me too – fruit keeps me healthy :)


19 Nancy

I wish I could get anywhere near 8 hours sleep. For some of us, that just isn’t an option.


20 Dannii

We all just have to do the best we can.


21 Lorna

Eating well throughout the winter is very important. I make sure to eat lots of green veggies.


22 Dannii

Lots of spinach and kale!


23 Emma

Good tips! I make sure I get lots of vitamin C to stay healthy.


24 Dannii

Yes, lots of oranges.


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