Video Friday – Mayonnaise, Route, Alabama and Pyjamas

by Dannii on October 13, 2012

Video Friday - Mayonnaise, Route, Alabama and Pyjamas
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Sorry this is a day late. I uploaded it to the Facebook page – but I forgot to upload it to the blog too.

How do you pronounce Mayonnaise?




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1 Jennifer

You say mayonnaise with 3 syllables. I say it in 2 syllables “man-ays” or “may-o”
When it rains and the sun is shining, we say “the devil is beating his wife”
We put our groceries in grocery carts or buggies.
Rolly-pollies are the bugs that roll up into a ball when you touch them.
If you’re from the South (USA) you call a carbonated drink a “coke” (doesn’t matter what brand you’re talking about… You tell the waitress “We’ll have 4 cokes” She says “OK, what kind?”)
But most of the rest of the US says soda, pop, or soda-pop.
Love listening to your British accent!


2 Michelle

LOL This was such a fun video and I totally want to record a video saying the words. Would you mind sharing what you were using for your list of words?


3 Michelle

I’ ve always pronounced it “man-aise”. I grew up in California but moved to Ohio in high school. They say things strangely here. When I first moved here someone asked if I was British because of the way I pronounced my vowels. Here, the word “that” sounds more like “the-at”, and my brother, Alex’s name ended up “Ealix”, blending the E and A sound. Oh…and it’s al-u-min-um. :) hehe. I like your website and FB page, BTW. Thanks for sharing your story.


4 melanie

I get it all the time, most people think I have an Australian accent never been there, been living in the UK since 1996, and even if I tell people where its from most have never heard of the place, can you work it out, check out some of my videos at and let me know, Love you blog x


5 Dannii

Are you South African?


6 Melanie

No, that normally peoples 2nd guess, It’s St Helenian, a little island in the Atlantic x


7 Tracey

I was saying all the words after you said them to see how I said them differently. Accents are strange things!


8 Lisa

This made me laugh. I was thinking about starting up a blog, do you have any tips?


9 Grace

Your accent is SO cute. I love how you say New Orleans!


10 Dawn

Haha – how does anyone say mayonnaise differently to that? I say caramel differently to you.


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