Video Friday – Mayonnaise, Route, Alabama and Pyjamas


Sorry this is a day late. I uploaded it to the Facebook page – but I forgot to upload it to the blog too.

How do you pronounce Mayonnaise?




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  1. Jennifer says

    You say mayonnaise with 3 syllables. I say it in 2 syllables “man-ays” or “may-o”
    When it rains and the sun is shining, we say “the devil is beating his wife”
    We put our groceries in grocery carts or buggies.
    Rolly-pollies are the bugs that roll up into a ball when you touch them.
    If you’re from the South (USA) you call a carbonated drink a “coke” (doesn’t matter what brand you’re talking about… You tell the waitress “We’ll have 4 cokes” She says “OK, what kind?”)
    But most of the rest of the US says soda, pop, or soda-pop.
    Love listening to your British accent!

  2. Michelle says

    LOL This was such a fun video and I totally want to record a video saying the words. Would you mind sharing what you were using for your list of words?

  3. Michelle says

    I’ ve always pronounced it “man-aise”. I grew up in California but moved to Ohio in high school. They say things strangely here. When I first moved here someone asked if I was British because of the way I pronounced my vowels. Here, the word “that” sounds more like “the-at”, and my brother, Alex’s name ended up “Ealix”, blending the E and A sound. Oh…and it’s al-u-min-um. :) hehe. I like your website and FB page, BTW. Thanks for sharing your story.