Healthy Carrot Cake


A really moist and delicious carrot cake that has been lightened up, as it has no butter or cream in it and a few other healthy swaps.


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I am back from Prague (did you miss me?) and I thought this was the ideal recipe to come back with. Prague was amazing, despite lost luggage and some bad weather, and I shall be writing a post all about it very soon. Whilst we were in Prague, we had the most amazing carrot cake, which inspired me to come up with this healthy version.

Full disclosure here, I had never had carrot cake before. I think it was one of those things that I had convinced myself that I didn’t like, before I even tried it. But, I gave it a go and I loved it! I have seriously been missing out all this time. I mean, it has a vegetables in it, so you can count it as one of your 5 a day, right?


Not only is this a flourless cake, but there is no butter or cream in it either. I could eat the “icing” out of the bowl with a spoon and to be honest, I did. It is that good, but so much healthier than regular butter cream. The cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger in the allspice give it a real Christmas feel to it, so I think this is going to be made a lot more in a few months time. But it’s never too early for healthy Christmas baking. I promise that I will hold off on the Christmas posts until October. That will be restrained for me though.

Ingredients – Serves 12:

– 250g/2.5 cup almond flour (grind up almonds in a food processor)

– 5 tbsp coconut flour

– 8 pecan halves, crumbled

– 2 tbsp fresh orange zest

– 0.5tsp salt

– 1 tsp baking soda

– 1 tsp all spice

– 1 large carrot, grated

– 6 tbsp coconut oil

– 6 tbsp maple syrup (you could use honey too)

– 4 eggs

– 1 tbsp vanilla extract


– 6 tbsp 0% Greek yoghurt

– 1 tbsp maple syrup

– 1 tbsp vanilla extract

– A few pecans and a bit of orange zest for decorating

1) Preheat the oven to 170C/350F

2) In a bowl, add the almond flour, coconut flour, pecans, orange zest, salt, baking soda and all spice and mix well.

3) In a separate bowl, mix together the carrot, coconut oil, maple syrup, eggs and vanilla and add to the dry ingredients. Mix well.

4) Grease a 10inch spring form pan and pour in the mixture. Bake for 40 minutes

5) Whilst the cake is cooking, make the icing by mixing together the yoghurt, maple syrup and vanilla. When the cake is cooked and completely cooled, add the icing and sprinkle on the orange zest and pecans.

Are you a fan of carrot cake? What cake would you like to see a healthier version of? Leave a comment below.


This recipe was part of my AXA PPP healthcare 52 Little Things challenge. This week’s challenge was to bake a healthy treat and this carrot cake is definitely a healthy treat. There is no reason why you have to give up cakes as part of a healthy diet, just make some small swaps. Making it yourself is always better than buying it, as you can control exactly what goes in to it.


Nutritional Information – per person

Calories: 263

Fat: 20

Carbs: 15

Protein: 8

Fibre: 4

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  1. says

    First of all, welcome back from Prague! Slightly jealous over here. Second of all, thank you sooo much for posting this recipe! I love carrot cake, but sadly it’s not the healthiest thing ever (despite all the carrots). Using Greek yogurt for the frosting? Brilliant!

  2. Caroline says

    Dannii, you are amazing. A healthy cake? I like how you have used all real ingredients and haven’t used artificial sweetener just to make it lower in calories.

  3. Alison says

    I can’t believe this doesn’t have flour in. How great is that! I am going to have to try and find some coconut flour. Any ideas where I can buy it from?

  4. says

    It looks wonderful Dannii and I like the flours you used. I must try some nut flours. I like you didn’t like, or thought I didn’t like carrot cake until I made my own with lot of lovely spices.

  5. Tabbi says

    I’d love a lighter German chocolate cake, with the traditional coconut-pecan caramel-y icing. It was my birthday cake every year! Even as a kid I preferred it to the standard buttercream icing.

  6. says

    I’m going to have to try this one Dannii! Carrot cake is one of my favourites but cakes aren’t making that much of an appearance in our house at the mo, at least for me anyway. This one looks good though!

  7. says

    That looks delicious. Planning to get some coconut flour on my next wholefood stock up – but heard it can make cakes dry – any tips? Will definitely give this one a go.

    • Dannii says

      This cake was really moist. I think you need to add a little more wet ingredients that you usually would when using coconut flour.

  8. says

    What a great recipe! I love carrot cake and haven’t had it in ages! I reckon a healthy tiramisu would be a right challenge – let me know if you crack that one 😉

  9. says

    I love carrot cake- it is top of my list alongside lemon cake- I can’t choose between them!
    I love it when the carrot cake has some lemon icing too. Yours looks delicious and really moist despite the coconut flour.

  10. says

    This looks delicious! It is always my choice for my birthday and although I don’t bake, I am sending this blog post to my daughter and sister-in-law! Yummy!

  11. says

    I majorly love carrot cake. It was one of those things that I, too, didn’t think that I was in love with simply because I never had tried it. Then, one day, I tried it again and was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. There is a place here in the states called Lyfe kitchen (I like them because of their name, if for no other reason) that does an outstanding carrot raisin walnut muffin/loaf. It’s a healthy food cafe, and then this loaf just taste so incredibly decadent. You should try a Hummingbird cake next!

    • Dannii says

      I had the same reaction too. I feel like I have missed out on all these amazing cake experiences. I have some making up to do!

  12. Andrea says

    Oh no, you lost your baggage? I hope you got it back and still managed to have a great time. I have always wanted t go to Prague, it looks beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing your post on it.

    • Dannii says

      Our airline lost my Dad’s partner’s bag and then wouldn’t fly it to us for 3 days and then wouldn’t even deliver it to our apartment. Had to go to the airport to collect it.
      Prague really is beautiful – so much to see there.

  13. Helen Turney says

    I would love to see a healthy recipe for a hot chocolate fudge cake. You know, the one with the gooey middle. Is it called molten cake?

  14. Jenna says

    Welcome back! I have missed your posts. What a recipe is come back with – carrot cake is my favourite kind of cake, although I will eat any cake.